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      1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: AmTrust is here to support our agents and policyholders with helpful resources during these uncertain times. All functions are operating as usual, so please contact us via the normal channels for claims, payments or any issues.
        Workers' Compensation coverage your Bay Area
        small business clients can rely on

        Quickly get a quote and bind online for over 200 classes

        Why write with AmTrust?

        AmTrust is the # 1 private carrier for workers' compensation insurance in California. And with 7 million individuals
        working in small businesses — nearly half the workforce in the state — AmTrust is your trusted partner to provide the support you and your clients need.
        bay area

        Act now!

        Not only do we provide competitive quotes for your clients,
        but we also offer an enhanced commission
        structure for any business written between now
        and Jan. 31. Log in to see your commission rates.

        We write over 350 business classes in California including:
        • Auto Repair Shops
        • Bakeries
        • Dry Cleaners
        • Florists
        • Gas Stations/Convenience Stores
        • HVAC and Plumbing Contractors
        • Jewelry Stores
        • Landscape Gardeners
        Now through January 31, 2020,
        enjoy 15% of   $25K in premium.

        Exclusive to Workers' Compensation

        Top Reasons to Choose AmTrust
        ? Financial Strength & Stability
        ? Superior Claims Handling
        ? Exceptional Loss Control

        Time Zones








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