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      1. Contact Us

        Contact Us       


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        Contact Us

        AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.
        59 Maiden Lane
        New York, NY 10038
        Phone: 212-220-7120
        Fax: 212-220-7130

        For Media Inquiries:
        hunter.hoffmann@amtrustgroup.com or 646-870-1949

        For Investor Relations Inquiries:
        chaya.cooperberg@amtrustgroup.com or 646-458-3332

        For Blog Inquiries:
        Maggie.Barr@amtrustgroup.com or 216-727-4771

        For Warranty & Specialty Risk Inquiries:
        Extended Warranty: bruce.saulnier@amtrustgroup.com or 800-833-8801
        Specialty Risk: bruce.saulnier@amtrustsgroup.com or 646-458-7976

        For State Disability Claims Inquiries:
        dbclaims@amtrustgroup.com or 800-535-2710

        All Other Claims:
        Reporting a claim: AmtrustClaims@qrm-inc.com
        General claim inquires: Contact adjuster’s direct dial or our customer service: 888-239-3909
        Loss runs requests should be sent to analossrun@amtrustgroup.com

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